Enter or Copy/Paste a list of UniProt codes to find any interactions in the PDB structures from the input UniProt sequences, or the interactons of their Pfams.

There are two types of inputs you may enter:

  • "First To All": The interactions between the first UniProt protein and all UniProt proteins in your list. If you wish to check the interacting proteins with a specific protein in the PDB, just input the UniProt code of that protein.
  • "All to All": The interactions between any pair of your input UniProts.

If you only enter one UniProt code, ProtCID will return all interfaces between the UniProt protein and all proteins in the PDB based on the interface type you select.

There are two types of interfaces you may choose:

  • "Interfaces on Pfams": The interfaces in all PDB structures in the same Pfams of input UniProt proteins. This may include interfaces from homologous proteins in the same Pfams.
  • "Interfaces on structures": Only interfaces in the PDB structures of the input UniProt proteins are returned.

Your list of UniProt IDs

Choose Input Types

Choose Interface Types