Data Set File Description Download
PFAM assignments in the PDB The Pfam assignments in the entire PDB. PDBfam.txt.gz
(based on Pfam v34 and PDB as of July 31, 2023)
Unassigned PDB sequences The PDB entities are not assigned to any PFAM. This file contains all possible sequences including those sequences with all Xs. UnassignedSequences.txt
Unassigned Unique PDB sequences The unique PDB entities are not assigned to any PFAM, excluding those sequences with all Xs and the distinct amino acid types are less than or equal to 5. Unique means no two sequences have 100% sequence identity, and same length. UnassignedUniqueSequences.txt
PFAM chain and entry architecture The Pfam architecture for the chain and entry. ChainPfamArch.txt.gz