PFAM Assignments in the PDB

The first three lines in pdbpfamarch.txt.

PdbID EntityID AuthorChainIDs AsymChainIDs ChainPfamArch EntryPfamArch
101m 1 A A (Globin) (Globin)
102l 1 A A (Phage_lysozyme) (Phage_lysozyme)


Column Description Example
PdbID 4-letter PDB code 101m
EntityID The Entity ID for the PDB sequence 1
AuthorChainIDs The list of author chains for this PDB sequence A
AsymChainIDs The list of asymmetric chain IDs for this PDB sequence A
ChainPfamArch Pfam Architecture for the PDB sequence (Globin)
EntryPfamArch Pfam architecture for the PDB structure (Globin)