Download Interface Files

The coordinates of all interface files are in PDB format. You can download interface files for each cluster by clicking the Cluster ID. Hitting the "Download Interface Files" button at the top right of each interface clusters page will download the interfce files of all of the clusters.

Download Sequence Files

The sequences in Fasta format for each cluster and the group can be downloaded by clicking the button "Download Sequence Files" at the top right of each interface clusters page.

Download Cluster Data

Summary data and details for all clusters are downloadable by clicking the Button "Download Cluster Data" on each interface clusters page. The text file is tab delimited, and can be opened in Excel or other spreadsheet programs.

The first line of the cluster text file is the header line. For each cluster, there is a summary line. The table below gives the description of the columns:

SuperGroupSeqID The sequential number of groups
Cluster ID The sequential number of clusters
CrystForm_ID The sequential number of crystal forms
Space Group The space group of PDB structure, NMR for NMR structures
Crystal Form The asymmetric unit (ASU) content. The number next to ASU distinguishes crytal forms with same space group and ASU size but unit cell dimensions and angles that are at least 1% different from others.
InterfaceUnit The letters are corresponding to the orders of the chain PFAM architectures of the group. For instance, the interface unit of the group "(G-alpha);(RGS)" is AB. A refers to (G-alpha) chain, while B is for (RGS).
NumOfInterfaces The number of unique interface in the crystal
InPDBBU Does the common interface exist in the PDB biological unit?
PDBBU The PQS format for the PDB biological unit
InPISABU Does the common interface exist in the PISA biological unit?
PISABU The PQS format for the PISA biological unit
#CFs/Cluster The number of crytal forms (CFs) in the cluster
#Entry/Cluster The number of entries in the cluster
#CFs/Group The number of crytal forms (CFs) in the group
#Entry/Group The number of entries in the group
MinSeqIdentity The minimum pair-wise sequence identity in the cluster
Q(MinSeqId) The interface similar score (Q) for the pair with minimum sequence identity
InterfaceType The interface is a homodimer (S="Same") or heterodimer (D = "diffferent")
Name Protein names. For heterodimer, names are separated by ";" if they are different.

Click [+]/[-] to expand/collapse the details about each cluster. To download interface files in PDB format for each cluster, click the Cluster ID. To align interfaces of each cluster in Pymol, please refer to "Interface Superposition" in HELP section. To understand each column, please click the column header for explanation. Please turn off your browser’s popup blocker.